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Восточное сибирское речное пароходство

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Company history

The necessity in goods and passenger transportation arose on the Angara River and Lake Baikal some years ago. The shipping developed traditionally very active in the region. But only military and salvor shipment existed before the end of XIX century, until the Emperor Alexander II decree has initiated the beginning of civil shipping 135 years ago.

10 years ago, on the 17. August 1885, the merchant Sibiryakov, organized the Eastern-Siberian Inland Navigation Company on the basis of «The Committee of Ministers statement about the shipment organization on the Angara River».

The area of the Eastern-Siberian Inland Navigation Company covers some thousands square kilometers and influences on work of such subjects of the Russian Federation as Irkutsk Oblast and Buryat Republic.

Today the «Eastern-Siberian Inland Navigation Company» is the oldest carrier in Eastern Siberia.  Such jubilee breastplate was issued for centenary:

The company celebrates its 125 anniversary with good results. During these years the Eastern-Siberian Inland Navigation Company has transported million tons of different goods, which are necessary for region  economic development. The routes of Eastern-Siberian Inland Navigation Company have been formed during decades and they are based on the land transportation network of Irkutsk Oblast, industrial and agriculture objects’ location. The shippment playes a big role in the service of timber processing complex, of building in Priangarje, of peoples’ supply in the outlying bywater dictricts, promotes tourism development on Lake Baikal. It is produced a basis of  navy and load-haul-dump machines with  developed coastal infrastructure (ports, shipbuilding- und repairing bases, social sphere) and, what is especially important, there is also ecological fleet on Lake Baikal. Such jubilee envelopes and post cards were published in honor of shipment significant dates:

The «Eastern-Siberian Inland Navigation Company» belongs to group of companies  “Eastland” since 2001.  It was a new stage in company’s development.

Holding company «Eastland» was founded more than 15 years ago. This company approves itself in the crisis management. Principal directions of «Eastland»’s activity are tourism, building, transport infrastructure development. “Eastland” includes more than 50 organisations. 

The company's activity promotes the active tourism development on Lake Baikal. The cruises with cabbin’s place selling were organized here for the first time here. The company focuses extensivelly on motor-boating and excursions in Baikal water area.

«Eastland» organizes helicopter tours with the company «IrkutskAvia». Tourists can  admire  region scenery from bird view.

Holding company is famous for service of different arragements (international conferences, forums, visits of diplomatic mission’s heads, Baikal Economic Forum and others).

The company’s fleet was modernized and enlarged thanks to cooperation between holding partner companies. “Eastern-Siberian Inland Navigation Company” and «Irkutsk Airrepairing works № 403» build motor ships using aviation technologies.

One of the best cruise ships on Lake Baikal is “Nikolaj Eroshchenko”. It was modernized and put in 2003. It is a striking example of company’s development. The ship was called so in memory of  deputy governor of Irkutsk Oblast, persident of holding company «Eastland».

“Eastern-Siberian Inland Navigation Company” attributes importance to safety and environmental protection. Personal-, ship-, environment-,  goods safety are in priority to other questions concerning commercial benefit.

Company policy aspires for total absence of emergency conditions, incidents, leakages, water pollution. Security and environmental matters  concern all company workers, irrespective of work status. The staff makes every effort to prevent hot situations on board, it understands and realizes the importance of safety, discipline and protection of labour.

The company controls and revises the effectiveness of safety control system every year. It holds the security conferences on each board.

Today the Eastern-Siberian Inland Navigation Company is a stable developing enterprise, which takes care of its customers, colleagues and partners.