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Восточное сибирское речное пароходство

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«Prominent persons»

«Eastern-Siberian Inland Navigation Company» values its workers very much. There are support programs for young professionals. Personnel development and help in flat buying are also organized.  There are also such persons in the company, in memory of whom were 4 ships called. These persons were remarkable for honesty, professionalism, company loyalty, devotion to duty. 

Strotskij Daniil Fomich
«Mechanic Strotskij»

Strotskij Daniil Fomich was born on 14 February 1918  in Borovka, Krasnoyarsk Krai. He graduated from Krasnoyarsk River College in 1965. In 1973 he began to work at «Eastern-Siberian Inland Navigation Company» and was a mechanic-instructor for the rest of his natural.

Bryantsev Vitalij Nikolaevich
«Mechanic Brjantsev»

Bryantsev Vitalij Nikolaevich was born on 23 October 1923 in Moscow. He took part in the Great Patriotic War. For 40 years he had been working as mechanic-instructor.

Andrulajtes Kazimir Aleksandrovich
«Captain Andrulajtes»

Andrulajtes Kazimir Aleksandrovich had been worked at the shipping company all his life, was a leader of his profession.

Eroshchenko Nikolaj Vladimirovich
«Nikolaj Eroshchenko»

Eroshchenko Nikolaj Vladimirovich (1957—2002) was born  on 16 January in miner’s family in town Chremkhovo, Irkutsk Oblast.

In 1976 he graduated from the electromechanical department of mining secondary school in Chremkhovo magna cum laude and  he was called up for military service in the  Soviet Army in 1977. During this time N.V. Eroshchenko received a proposal to get education at the KGB-High School.  He graduated also successfully from it and served until 1992. He finished military service in the capacity of combat intelligence officer as lieutenant colonel.

When he had resigned from the KGB, Nikolaj Vladimirovich was in business at the time of market economy formation. Together with his brother — Eroshchenko Sergei Vladimirovich – he organized the holding company «Eastland» and was the head of it.

The Irkutsk Oblast Administration appreciated at its true value his perseverance at work, energy, authority, ability to organize a business and to take a right decision.

In 1997 Nikolaj Vladimirovich began to work at the Regional State as deputy governor and put in charge of Irkutsk Oblast Representation Office in Moscow.

He was an active, very superior person, a man of his word. He could get his own way on development of economic potential in Eastern-Siberian region matters, in particular in  Irkutsk Oblast. He made a lot for the Eastern-Siberian Inland Navigation Company.

He took direct part in the realization of such projects on petrochemical,  fuel and energy complex development in Eastern Siberia: Kovytka gas-condensate field, Angarsk Petrochemical Combine, «Sayanskkhimprom», «Usoliekhimprom», «Vostsibugol’».

All his life long  Nikolaj Vladimirovich  Eroshchenko personified patriotism and  state loyalty.


The Great  Patriotic War veterans have been worked at the company for many years.

These persons were congratulated on the 65th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War:

  • Grudinin Grigorij Stepanovich
  • Prejmak Ilya Stepanovich
  • Svetlakov Sergej Stepanovich
  • Klepus Dmitrij Pavlovich
  • Chupanov Konstantin Eliferovich
  • Novakovskij Michail  Ivanovich

Eastern-Siberian Inland Navigation Company is proud of its colleagues. Many of them were recommend for the Department of Transportation of the Russian Federation decoration.